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The amount of material on Flamenco that I’ve collected over decades of watching it, listening to it and writing about it is quite considerable, and the task of organising it nontrivial. So I’ve put it all together in a book (so far running to two volumes), as described on the Home page.

The present page will be devoted to supplemental material that I couldn’t, for whatever reason, fit into the book.

Contents of the book

Volume 1—Flamenco Styles

1—Getting Started
2—The Art of Rasgueado
3—Recommended Recordings
4—Basic Materials
5—Basic Forms
6—Compás and the Soleares Family
7—Compás of Seguiriyas & Tientos
8—The Fandango Family
9—Fandango Variants
10—The Latin-American Influence
11—The Folk Influence
12—More Folk Influence
13—Everything Else
14—No, but I saw the movie…
15—Rito y Geografía del Toque
16—The Art of Transcribing

Volume 2—The Masters and their Music

Vicente Gómez (1911-2001)
Sabicas (1912-1990)
Mario Escudero (1928-2004)
Juan Serrano (1934-)
Paco Peña (1942–)
Serranito (1942-)
Merengue de Córdoba (1944–)
Pepe Habichuela (1944–)
Ian Davies (1954-2003)
Paco Serrano (1964-)
Vicente Amigo (1964-)

Appendix A—Key to Musical Notation
Appendix B—Recommended Books
Appendix C—Recommended Sheet Music
Appendix D—Recommended Recordings
Appendix E— Recommended Videos
Appendix F—Glossary of Spanish Words
Appendix G—Rough Guide to Spanish Pronunciation
Index to Flamenco Artists


Stephen Hill (luthier) (2000)


Diego del Gastor—Falsetas por soleá

Falsetas por soleá (with tabs) ? ? ?