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Classical Guitar Music

‘The Classical Guitar’ series

I found the dates of these in a listing of all the programmes in this series here (what order they’re sorted in is by no means obvious). I have usually given the titles as they are announced (rather than always in the original language).

The name in brackets after the date is the presenter, and the Segovia numbers given after Sor studies are those assigned to them by the former in his selected edition of 20 (which for a long time were the ones most frequently used).

Sérgio & Eduardo Abreu (1) (42'44"): 17 Nov 1973 [Peter Sensier]

Johnson, J.La Vecchia Pavan & Galliard00'39"
Scarlatti, D.Toccata09'53"
Castelnuovo-TedescoTonadilla on the name of Andrés Segovia (Sérgio)15'11"
Villa-LobosStudy Nº 7 (Eduardo)20'37"
FallaLa vida breve: Spanish Dance Nº 139'17"

Sérgio & Eduardo Abreu (2) (42'15"): 06 December 1975 [Peter Sensier]

HumeThe Earl of Salisbury’s Favourite00'45"
HumeThe Earl of Sussex’s Delight04'08"
BachFantasia, BWV 90607'18"
HenzeKammermusik: Drei Tentos (Sérgio)12'53"
SorStudy, Op. 6 Nº 9 [Segovia 13] (Eduardo)21'51"
SorStudy, Op. 6 Nº 6 [Segovia 12] (Eduardo)24'02"
Castelnuovo-TedescoPrelude & Fugue Nº 1827'07"
Castelnuovo-TedescoPrelude & Fugue Nº 0732'23"
Castelnuovo-TedescoPrelude & Fugue Nº 1738'27"

Alice Artzt (41'02"): 14 September 1974 [Peter Sensier]

HolborneThe Countess of Pembroke’s Paradise04'46"
BrittenNocturnal after John Dowland, Op. 7013'26"
BachLute Suite Nº 2, BWV 997: Gigue37'22"

Ernesto Bitetti (42'44"): 14 Jun 1980 [Dorita Sensier]

RamírezAlfonsina y el mar00'06"
PernambucoSons de carrilhoes28'52"
FallaThe Three-Cornered Hat: Miller’s Dance39'57"

Carlos Bonnell (58'28"): 01 Mar 1980 [Graham Wade]

Trad. arr. LlobetEl mestre01'01"
Trad. arr. LlobetCançó del lladre04'24"
Valverde arr. LlobetClavelitos25'28"
Chopin arr. LlobetPrelude, Op. 28 Nº 728'14"
Arcas arr. TárregaGran jota33'41"
Chapí arr. TárregaSerenata moresca42'27"
Verdi arr. TárregaFantasia on Themes from La Traviata49'22

Leo Brouwer (46'01"): 02 Feb 1980 [Stephen Dodgson]

Trad. arr. BrouwerCanción del amor15'47"
BrouwerTango on a Theme of Piazzolla17'42"
de ViséeSuite in D24'37"
Falla arr. BrouwerLove, the Magician: Pantomime38'25"
Falla arr. BrouwerThe Three-Cornered Hat: Farruca42'55"

Alirio Díaz (31'20"): 30 June 1973 [Peter Sensier]

BarriosDanza Paraguaya00'45"
BachCello Suite Nº 3, BWV 1009: Sarabande05'13"
BachFugue, BWV 100009'35"
LauroVenezuelan Waltz Nº 315'15"
Villa-LobosChôros Nº 118'38"
Trad. arr. LauroSeis por derecho28'05"

The English Guitar Quartet (42'43"): 25 Apr 1981 [Stephen Dodgson]

Moreno TorrobaEstampas: Nº 1, Bailando un fandango charro06'13
Moreno TorrobaEstampas: Nº 2, Remanso08'00"
Moreno TorrobaEstampas: Nº 4, Fiesta en el pueblo10'12"
Moreno TorrobaEstampas: Nº 8, Juegos infantiles11'49"
DuarteBallade, Op. 5314'29"
Smith-BrindleThe Pillars of Karnak21'08"
VivaldiConcerto for 4 Violins, RV 58030'37"

Evangelos & Liza (38'30"): 15 Jun 1974 [Peter Sensier]

Although the Bach Gavotte and Musette are announced as from the 2nd English Suite, they are in fact from the 3rd: the 2nd has no such movements.

BachEnglish Suite Nº 3, BWV 808: Gavotte02'47"
BachEnglish Suite Nº 3, BWV 808: Musette04'45"
BachEnglish Suite Nº 3, BWV 808: Gigue06'54"
SorDivertimento Nº 110'43"
DuarteGreek Suite, Op. 39: Nº 3, Tsirigotikos20'46"
DuarteGreek Suite, Op. 39: Nº 4, Karagouna22'01"
FallaSerenata Andaluza29'20"
FallaLove, the Magician: Ritual Fire Dance34'41"

Guillermo Fierens (31'06"): 12 April 1975 [Peter Sensier]

Villa-LobosStudy Nº 100'20"
JolivetHomage to Robert de Visée: Prelude05'59"
Castelnuovo-TedescoCapriccio diabolico, Op. 8512'17"
AlbénizSuite Española, Op. 47: Nº 5, Asturias (Leyenda)23'24"

Cheryl Grice (29'06"): 07 Aug 1976: [Peter Sensier]

WaltonBagatelle Nº 208'52"
BerkeleyTheme and Variations, Op. 7715'26"
BachPrelude, BVW 99825'26"

Eric Hill (1) (35'32"): 16 Nov 1974 [Peter Sensier]

Land & LernerOn a Clear Day00'17"
SorSonata, Op. 22: Nº 3, Minuet in C04'51"
TárregaCapricho árabe09'35"
MellersA Blue Epiphany for J.B. Smith18'09"
de PaulI’ll Remember April29'17"
AlbénizRecuerdos de viaje, Op. 71: Nº 6, Rumores de La Caleta31'45"

Eric Hill (2) (38'34"): 04 Jun 1977 [Peter Sensier]

Villa-LobosSuíte popular brasileira: Schottische-Chôro00'32"
Villa-LobosStudy Nº 1204'51"
BachCello Suite Nº 3, BWV 1009: Prelude10'03"
BachCello Suite Nº 3, BWV 1009: Bourrée 1 14'08"
BachCello Suite Nº 3, BWV 1009: Bourrée 2 15'51"
BachCello Suite Nº 3, BWV 1009: Gigue18'12"
The Doors arr. HillLight My Fire23'48"
Ellington, Hodges & JamesI’m Beginning to See the Light33'15"
BloomGive Me the Simple Life36'09"

Sharon Isbin (40'30"): 16 May 1981 [Robert Spencer]

ScarlattiSonata, L. 103, K. 25900'18"
BachLute Suite Nº 2, BWV 997: Sarabande03'31"
BachLute Suite Nº 2, BWV 997: Gigue09'03"
BachLute Suite Nº 2, BWV 997: Double11'58"
RegondiAir variée, Op. 2118'40"
DodgsonPartita Nº 131'20"

Ricardo Iznaola (55'16"): 18 Nov 1978 [Michael Jessett]

You can find a transcript of the interview portion of this programme here.

SorStudy in G Major, Op. 29 Nº 23 [Segovia 16]01'17"
SorStudy in B Minor, Op.35 Nº 22 [Segovia 5]04'12"
SorStudy in A Major, Op. 6 Nº 6 [Segovia 12]08'28"
SorSonata, Op. 22: Nº 4, Rondo in C12'47"
PonceSonata mexicana22'02"
CarreñoSuite criolla: Aire de danza42'39"
BorgesVenezuelan Waltz 147'20"
BorgesVenezuelan Waltz 249'25"

Alexandre Lagoya (44'04"): 04 Dec 1976 [Peter Sensier]

SorVariations on a Theme by Mozart, Op. 916'15"
Villa-LobosPrelude Nº 123'43"
Villa-LobosPrelude Nº 528'20"
TárregaVariations on Carnival of Venice34'00"

Lanchester Guitar Competition 1974 (40'06"): 23 Feb 1974 [Peter Sensier]

Schubert arr. WrightGerman Dances03'15"
Bach arr. DuarteCello Suite Nº 3, BWV 1009: Prelude12'57"
HenzeKammermusik: Drei Tentos18'21
Moreno TorrobaNocturno25'49"
DodgsonPartita Nº 130'07"

John Mills (1) (29'18"): 25 Aug 1973 [Peter Sensier]

SanzDanza de las hachas00'53"
SanzFanfarria de la caballería de Nápoles03'03"
DuarteEnglish Suite Nº 1, Op. 3107'06"
TurinaSevillana, Op. 2923'17"

John Mills (2) (31'07"): 07 Feb 1976 [Peter Sensier]

TansmanSuite in Modo Polonico: Entrée08'28"
TansmanSuite in Modo Polonico: Gaillarde11'16"
TansmanSuite in Modo Polonico: Kujawiak12'18"
TansmanSuite in Modo Polonico: Polonaise15'11"
TansmanSuite in Modo Polonico: Kolisanka Nº 216'30"
TansmanSuite in Modo Polonico: Oberek18'44"
LauroVariations on a Venezuelan Children’s Song23'19"

John Mills & Raymond Burley (last part) (12'26"): 10 April 1981 [Stephen Dodgson?]

Colin apparently only managed to catch the last half of this, so it’s missing the Divertimento by Segovia and Jack Duarte’s English Suite Nº 2.

The presenter isn’t identified, but Ray and I both agree it sounds like Stephen.

GowPartita for Two Guitars00'42"

The Omega Guitar Quartet (35'20"): 14 June 1975 [Peter Sensier]

Terzi arr. Smith-BrindleCanzone00'33"
Moreno TorrobaEstampas: Nº 1, Bailando un fandango charro06'40"
Moreno TorrobaEstampas: Nº 2, Remanso08'14"
Moreno TorrobaEstampas: Nº 8, Juegos infantiles09'50"
LambertTread Softly15'22"
Stravinsky3 Easy Pieces for Piano Duet: Nº 1, March26'40"
Stravinsky5 Easy Pieces for Piano Duet: Nº 4, Napolitana27'58"
Stravinsky5 Easy Pieces for Piano Duet: Nº 5, Galop29'16"

ORTF Guitar Competition 1976 (41'05"): 02 Apr 1977: [Peter Sensier & John W. Duarte]

SagrerasEl colibri02'36"
CastérèdeHomage to Pink Floyd05'28"
BachLute Suite Nº 1, BWV 996: Prelude11'57"
Villa-LobosStudy Nº 1117'11"
DowlandFancy, P. 7325'08"
SorGrand Solo, Op. 1432'10"

Christopher Parkening (32'57"): 18 May 1974: [Peter Sensier]

The likely source for the Galilei pieces is Six Lute Pieces of the Renaissance, transcribed by Chilesotti (Columbia Music, 1961). You can find Segovia playing all six here.

I have also given the numbers from Da Un Codice del Cinquecento (Editions Orphée, 2002), although Bianca Fiore does not occur in that.

GalileiVaghe bellezze, C.1701'28"
GalileiBianca fiore02'26"
GalileiSaltarello, C. 5903'20"
DowlandMy Lady Hunsdon’s Puffe, P. 5405'16"
Bach arr. FosterJesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, BWV 14707'32"
Ravel arr. MarshallMother Goose Suite: Pavane of the Sleeping Beauty10'43"
Debussy arr. MarshallThe Girl with the Flaxen Hair15'25"
Albéniz arr. ParkeningRecuerdos de viaje, Op. 71: Nº 6, Rumores de La Caleta29'32"

Konrad Ragossnig (36'56"): 30 Oct 1976 [Peter Sensier]

BachLute Suite Nº 4, BWV 1006a: Loure00'40"
BachLute Suite Nº 4, BWV 1006a: Gavotte en Rondeau05'12"
Haydn arr. BreamAndante13'00"
Haydn arr. SegoviaSymphony Nº 96: Minuet17'38"
Granados arr. Llobet12 Spanish Dances, Op. 37: Nº 5, Andaluza (Playera)25'28"
Falla arr: RagossnigThe Three-Cornered Hat: Miller’s Dance33'26"

Turibio Santos (54'38"): 01 Oct 1977 [Peter Sensier]

SorStudy, Op. 31 Nº 20 [Segovia 9)01'06"
SorStudy, Op. 6 Nº 11 [Segovia 17]02'25"
SorStudy, Op. 29 Nº 23 [Segovia 16)05'42"
SorStudy, Op.35 Nº 22 [Segovia 5]08'07"
SorStudy, Op. 6 Nº 6 [Segovia 12]10'30"
BachLute Suite Nº 1, BWV 996: Sarabande12'51"
BachLute Suite Nº 1, BWV 996: Bourrée17'19"
Villa-LobosPrelude Nº 441'25"
Villa-LobosPrelude Nº 244'25"
Villa-LobosStudy Nº 647'53"
Villa-LobosStudy Nº 1049'46"

Andrés Segovia (40'47"): 25 Dec 1978 [Michael Jesset]

As I mentioned originally, this was recorded at a considerably lower level than the other programmes in this series; but I have now normalized the volume.

SorAndantino in D Minor, Op. 2 Nº 304'54"
BachCello suite Nº 3, BWV 1009: Bourrées09'54"
FallaHomenaje, pour le tombeau de Debussy, G. 5616'24"
PonceSonata Romántica: Allegro moderato21'47"
TurinaSevillana, Op. 2934'15"

Timothy Walker (41'53"): 26 Feb 1977 [Peter Sensier]

The alternative titles in brackets (for the Galilei pieces) are those given in Da Un Codice del Cinquecento, transcribed by Oscar Chilesotti. I have used Matanya’s edition (Editions Orphée, 2002).

Galilei arr. de AzpiazuBianca fiore00'16"
Galilei arr. de AzpiazuPavan [Se io m’accorgo, C. 2]01'22"
Galilei arr. de AzpiazuDanza [(Titolo indecifrabile), C.93 ]02'50"
Galilei arr. de AzpiazuPavan [Vaghe bellezze, C.17]03'40"
Galilei arr. de AzpiazuGagliarda [C. 99]04'36"
Galilei arr. de AzpiazuUrania05'22"
Galilei arr. de AzpiazuSaltarello [Italiana, C. 59]06'20"
CarulliMéthode, Op. 241: Study in thirds08'52"
CarulliStudy in arpeggios10'30"
Carcassi arr. WalkerVariations on a Russian Folk Tune16'55"
WalkerFantasia Celestina32'24"

John Williams (1) (33'05"): 22 Sep 1973 [Peter Sensier]

SorStudy, Op. 6 Nº 6 [Segovia 12]5'20"
SorFantasie in C Minor, Op. 7: Largo non tanto08'41"
TárregaRecuerdos de la Alhambra12'51"
Granados arr. LlobetTonadillas, H. 136: Nº 7, La Maja de Goya18'30"
Trad. arr. LlobetEl testament d’Amelia22'36"
Lawes arr. BreamSuite for Two Guitars: Corant I27'46"
Trad. arr. YupanquiChacarera31'16"

John Williams (2) (45'10"): 23 Aug 1975 [Peter Sensier]

BarriosLa última canción03'42"
BarriosMazurka apasionata08'40"
BarriosAire de Zamba21'24"
BarriosVals Nº 325'34"
BarriosDanza paraguaya29'44"
BarriosChôro da saudade32'27"
BarriosSouvenir d’un rêve [Sueño en la floresta]37'55"

Leo Witoszynsky (1) (34'40"): 19 Jan 1974 [Peter Sensier]

MartinQuatre pièces brèves: Prélude02'03"
MartinQuatre pièces brèves: Air04'29"
MartinQuatre pièces brèves: Plainte05'42"
MartinQuatre pièces brèves: Comme une gigue07'53"
SantórsolaPreludio a la antigua12'17"
BrouwerElogio de la danza19'37"
Castelnuovo-TedescoTarantella, Op. 87a29'47"

Leo Witoszynsky (2) (36'40"): 19 Jul 1975 [Peter Sensier]

MatiegkaVariations on a Bohemian Song, Op. 500'01"
DiabelliSonata in C Major, Op. 29 Nº 108'12"
GiulianiVariations on Las Folias, Op. 4520'15"
MertzCapriccio, Op. 13 Nº 326'10"
WalkerRain Study29'58"

Narciso Yepes (48'46"): 13 Jul 1974 [Peter Sensier]

BacarisseSuite romántica: Passepied Nº 206'05
TurinaSonata in D Major, Op. 6108'48"
EspláDos impresiones levantinas27'01"

At Home with Julian Bream (74'40"): 23 Dec 2013 [Sean Rafferty]

Thanks to David Tanenbaum, who (as I knew he’d be able to) immediately identified the Michael Tippett piece.

TippettThe Blue Guitar: Juggling02'21"
Lawes trans. BreamSuite for Two Guitars: Corant I04'48"
RodrigoConcierto de Aranjuez: Adagio13'04"
DowlandMy Lady Hunsdon’s Puffe, P. 5426'00"
BachelarDaniel’s Almain29'39"
DowlandMrs Vaux’s Gigge, P. 5737'35"
ArnoldGuitar Concerto: Con brio44'11"
DowlandLachrimæ Pavan, P. 1550'16"
BrittenNocturnal after John Dowland, Op. 7061'09"

The Segovia Legacy (44'20"): 23 Feb 2008 [Louis de Bernières and Craig Ogden]

None of the pieces in this programme is named (except the last). Thanks once again to the denizens of DelCamp Classical Guitar, who quickly identified several that had escaped my memory.

AlbénizSuite Española, Op. 47: Nº 1, Granada00'05"
Granados12 danzas españolas, Op. 37: Nº 10, Danza triste02'05"
Granados12 danzas españolas, Op. 37: Nº 5, Andaluza (Playera)03'41"
GranadosTonadillas, H. 136: Nº 7, La Maja de Goya06'10"
BachLute Suite Nº 4, BWV 1006: Gavotte08'04"
FrescobaldiAria Con Variazoni “La Frescobalda”09'20"
TárregaEstudio brillante11'44"
SorStudy, Op. 35 Nº 613'00"
SorVariations on a Theme by Mozart, Op. 913'57"
DebussyLa fille aux cheveux de lin15'42"
Moreno TorrobaTorrija18'18"
Castelnuovo-TedescoHomage à Bocherini: Vivo e Energico19'31"
Trad. arr. LlobetEl noi de la mare20'13"
FallaHomenaje, pour le tombeau de Debussy, G. 5620'43"
PonceConcierto del sur: Allegretto Moderato22'03"
PonceSonatina meridional: Campo23'12"
ChopinPrelude In A24'50"
AlbénizSuite Española, Op. 47: Nº 3, Sevilla26'28"
MompouSuite Compostelana: Muñeira28'46"
Villa-LobosStudy Nº 129'42"
SegoviaEstudio sin luz31'38"
Moreno TorrobaSuite Castellana: Fandanguillo33'25"
Moreno TorrobaPiezas caracterícas: Los Mayos35'43"
TárregaRecuerdos de la Alhambra38'24"
RodrigoTres Piezas Españolas: Fandango41'16"
AlbénizSuite Española, Op. 47: Nº 1, Granada42'30"

Early Music

(The Poulton numbers after the Dowland lute solos distinguish these from the consort pieces with the same titles.)

Dowland at the Proms (76'38"): 02 Sep 2013 [Petroc Trelawny]

DowlandThe King of Denmark’s Galliard01'50"
DowlandCan She Excuse My Wrongs?03'09"
DowlandFlow, My Tears07'10"
DowlandFarewell Fancy, P. 312'06"
DowlandMy Thoughts Are Wing’d With Hopes18'29"
DowlandSorrow, Stay, Lend True Repentant Tears21'16"
DowlandCome Again, Sweet Love Doth Now Invite24'35"
DowlandMr John Langton’s Pavan31'02"
DowlandLachrimæ Amantis35'32"
DowlandI Saw My Lady Weep40'33"
DowlandIf My Complaints Could Passions Move47'58"
DowlandLachrimæ Tristes52'26"
DowlandIn Darkness Let Me Dwell57'44"
DowlandShall I Strive With Words To Move?62'22"
Britten arr. KennyGloriana, Op. 53: 2nd lute song of the Earl of Essex69'30"
DowlandNow, O Now, I Needs Must Part74'48"

Pied Piper (1) (40'46"): 20 Jan 1976 [David Munrow]

The unannounced piece at 35'58", played on the organ at Frederiksborg Castle, has finally been identified by a friend of Allan Rasmussen, one of the current organists there; so especial thanks to both of them.

It is by Samuel Scheidt (1587–1654), and the sheet music is here.

MorleyNow Is the Month of Maying00'00"
DowlandLachrimæ Pavan02'44
Le JeuneA Song of Springtime06'08"
Dowland arr. MorleyCaptain Digorie Piper’s Galliard08'25"
DowlandHis Golden Locks11'57"
Johnson, J.Greensleeves14'27"
BullThe Duke of Brunswick’s Alman17'10"
BullThe Duchess of Brunswick’s Toy19'18"
Maurice, Landgrave of HessePavan22'54"
DowlandWilt Thou Unkind Thus Reave Me?26'38"
DowlandFine Knacks for Ladies (version 1)30'50"
DowlandFine Knacks for Ladies (version 2)31'48"
DowlandSay Love If Ever Thou Didst Find33'29"
ScheidtToccata in G Minor, SSWV 56835'58"
DowlandThe King of Denmark’s Galliard, P. 4037'44"

Pied Piper (2) (41'41"): 22 Jan 1976 [David Munrow]

DowlandLachrimæ Antiquæ00'00"
DowlandIn Darkness Let Me Dwell04'26"
DowlandLachrimæ Antiquæ12'17"
DowlandLachrimæ Pavan, P.1514'28"
DowlandSemper Dowland, Semper Dolens18'10"
DowlandThe Shoemaker’s Wife, P.5820'44"
DowlandTarleton’s Resurrection, P. 5923'56"
DowlandCan She Excuse My Wrongs?27'16"
BrittenNocturnal, Op. 7029'03"
DowlandMy Lady Hunsdon’s Puffe, P. 54 (1)34'07"
DowlandMy Lady Hunsdon’s Puffe, P. 54 (2)35'03"
DowlandThe Frog Galliard, P. 2339'39"

Songs and Ayres (1) (49'57"): 23 Apr 1975 [Alan Jones]

DowlandCan She Excuse My Wrongs?02'31"
DowlandGo, Crystal Tears05'53"
DowlandCome Again, Sweet Love09'48"
DowlandAwake, Sweet Love12'25"
DowlandLady Laiton’s Almaine, P.4816'15"
DowlandThe Earl of Essex’s Galliard, P. 4217'10"
DowlandMy Lady Hunsdon’s Puffe, P. 5419'00"
DowlandI Saw My Lady Weep21'36"
DowlandFine Knacks for Ladies25'47"
DowlandFlow, My Tears29'02"
DowlandBoard Lute Book: Prelude, P. 98 34'36"
DowlandBoard Lute Book: The Queen’s Galliard, P. 9735'45"
DowlandBoard Lute Book: Mr Dowland’s Midnight, P. 9936'39"
DowlandBoard Lute Book: Coranto, p. 10037'33"
DowlandWhat If I Never Speed?39'16"
DowlandSweet, Stay a While42'30"
DowlandShall I Strive With Words to Move?46'31"

Songs and Ayres (2) (57'32"): 02 May 1975 [Alan Jones]

DowlandMy Thoughts Are Wing’d With Hopes02'58"
DowlandIf My Complaints Could Passions Move07'15"
DowlandNow, O Now I Needs Must Part11'41"
DowlandDear If You Change, I’ll Never Choose Again16'29"
DowlandCaptain Candish’s Galliard, P. 2119'47"
DowlandOrlando Sleepeth, P. 6121'30"
DowlandBattle Galliard, P. 4022'58"
DowlandSorrow, Sorrow Stay24'23"
DowlandWhite As Lilies Was Her Face 28'11"
DowlandA Shepherd in a Shade31'05"
DowlandShall I Sue, Shall I Seek For Grace?34'36"
DowlandLachrimæ Pavan, P. 15 39'19"
DowlandFar From Triumphing Court45'06"
DowlandLady, If You So Spite Me49'23"
DowlandIn Darkness Let Me Dwell53'00"


Paco Peña

? (31'56"): ? [Paco Peña]

Exactly which programme this may be is not obvious, since Paco recorded several for BBC Radio, and their website gives dates but no contents lists. I would guess it’s an early one, since Paco plays Moruna almost exactly the same as he does on his 1970 recording; and thus the most likely candidates are Guitar Recital on 14th July 1971, and Flamenco Guitar on 27th May 1974.

Milonga flamenca00'01"
Alegrías de Cádiz05'28"
Zambra «Moruna»10'33"
SabicasFarruca «Los Caireles»15'36"

The Spirit of Flamenco (55'38"): 16 Jun 2014 [Paco Peña]

‘Paco Peña is one of the world's greatest flamenco guitarists and the first musician to be made a professor of flamenco. In “The Spirit of Flamenco” Paco goes on a personal journey to explore how the religion and music of southern Spain have come together to create one of the most infectious sounds of world music. He’ll delve into the spiritual side of flamenco and explore how faith impacts on this vibrant musical style and how they inspired his great Flamenco Mass which has been performed in his home city of Córdoba at the famous Mezquita-Catedral—the mosque turned church with its distinctive red and white Islamic arches. He’ll feature the gypsy communities in Andalucía that gave birth to flamenco, which for them is as much a way of life as a musical style and he’ll [talk] about “duende”—the soul of flamenco. He’ll discover what it takes to make the best flamenco guitar, try his hand in the workshop and give an impromptu master class on the techniques of flamenco guitar.’ (BBC Online)

The music presented here is nearly all fragmentary. If you need to know what palo (style) a particular fragment represents, please e-mail me, specifying the exact starting-point in the recording.