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Although I’ve loved and admired the music of many singer/songwriters, I haven’t had much to do with them journalistically over the years, so this section is a bit thin on the ground.


Nick Drake

Nick Drake’s music, though, always fascinated me, and in the early years I transcribed several of his songs.

In 1998, an authorised song-collection appeared. It was interesting in many ways; but the accompaniments were piano parts, of little use to guitarists.

I therefore present my early transcriptions below.

Clothes of Sand YouTube Buy CD Buy MP3
Joey YouTube Buy CD Buy MP3
Road YouTube Buy CD Buy MP3
The Thoughts of Mary Jane YouTube Buy CD Buy MP3

In 2005, BBC Radio broadcast a moving interview with Nick’s sister Gabrielle. You can find it here.sunk without trace

External Resources

Nick Drake tabs

have generously been provided in profusion by Chris Healey, and you can find them here.