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Sabicas Discography

OK, this is the best I can do right now. These are all LPs. I won’t vouch for the dates, as you get different stories depending on whom you listen to. Decca LPs, vexatiously, carried no dates anywhere.

Albums available on CD are in green, on MP3 in blue, and unavailable in their entirety (as far as I’m aware) except on LP in red. The many anthologies are not included.

You should be able to find my reviews of most of these on Amazon US and/or UK.

1949 Flamencan Guitar Solos
1957 Sabicas Vol. 1 (CD = La Guitarra Flamenca)
1957 Sabicas Vol. 2 (CD = La Guitarra Flamenca)
1958 Sabicas Vol. 3
1958 Gypsy Flamenco
1958 The Day of the Bullfight
1958 Romantic Guitars (with Mario Escudero. CD = Masters of the Spanish Guitar)
1959 Flamenco! (with Carmen Amaya)
1959 Queen of the Gypsies (with Carmen Amaya. MP3 = The Best of Carmen Amaya, Europe only)
1959 Flamenco Puro
1959 Serenata Andaluza (with the usual suspects. MP3 is Europe only)
1959 Solo Flamenco
1959 Fantastic Guitars (with Mario Escudero)
1960 Festival Gitana (with Los Trianeros)
1960 Flamenco Fantasy (CD = Adios a la guitarra. MP3 also available under the original title)
1960 Furioso (with Dolores Vargas. MP3 is Europe only)
1960 Soul of Flamenco (MP3 is Europe only)
1960 Flamenco Variations on Three Guitars
1961 Flamenco Virtuoso
1961 Rhythms of Spain (with the usual suspects)
1961 Flamenco Styles (with Mario Escudero)
1961 El Terremoto Gitano (with Dolores Vargas. MP3 is Europe mono only)
1962 Concierto En Flamenco
1963 Flamenco Reflections1
1963 Flaming Flamenco Guitar (MP3 is Europe only)
1965 El Rey del Flamenco
1966 Rock Encounter (with Joe Beck)
1967 Flamenco Fever
1967 Guitars of Passion1
1968 Artistry In Flamenco
1969 3 Guitarras Tiene
1969 Arte Gitano
1969 La Historia del Flamenco (with just about everybody, including Camarón. CD = Sabicas, RCA ND 74612)
1969 La Guitarra de Sabicas
1970 Variaciones Flamencas Para Tres Guitarras
1971 The Soul of Flamenco and the Essence of Rock
1972 Flamenco!!
1972 ¡¡Olé!! (with Adela la Chaqueta)
1972 Sabicas In Concert (CD = Concierto Vol. 2, mono only)
1972 Sixteen Immortal Performances (anthology of ABC recordings)
1972 Fiesta Flamenca (with various old-time singers)
1973 Flamenco Passions (2-disc anthology of ABC recordings)
1976 The Art of the Guitar
1990 Nueva York-Granada (with Enrique Morente)

1Flamenco Reflections and Guitars of Passion seem to be available on iTunes (but not Amazon) under the bizarre title of Flamenco Guitar—Master of Mid Century Flamenco Music, vols. 1 & 2. The samples of the former appear to be in mono (yecchh!).