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I’ve been reviewing for music magazines since 1974. When the Amazon review system first came along, it was excellent, with good organisation, provision for comments on the reviews, and discussion groups; so I started also posting my reviews there too, and from 2008 to 2015 was a Top 1000 Reviewer in the US (Top 500 in the UK).

Since then the Amazon system has disintegrated into a total shambles, wherein it can be next to impossible to locate particular reviews (and don’t be surprised if you find them attached to the wrong products); so I now present an index to mine here. For the same reason, most of the book-review links point to Goodreads.

As on Amazon, sheet music is listed under Books (since the dividing-line is sometimes blurry).

As well as my opinions (which may of course be of little or no interest), most reviews of recordings and non-fiction books also contain contents-listings.

UK Top 500 Reviewer
BookAirneBritain’s Story Told in Pictures1
BookAshtonIndividual Differences (1st Ed.)5
BookBach3 Sonatas (Barrueco)5
BookBaden PowellSongbook Vol. 15
BookBaden PowellSongbook Vol. 25
BookBailes (Ed.)Lessons for the Lute5
BookBarleyA New Booke of Tabliture5
BookBatistaResonancias del Sur4
BookBatistaEl Flamenco y su Vibrante Mundo5
BookBatistaArte Flamenco5
BookBensusan (Ed.)DADGAD Guitar5
BookBensusanThe Guitar Book5
BookBiggleThe Fury out of Time5
BookBlakeneyA Smaller Classical Dictionary5
BookBoydThe Beast Within4
BookBrown150 Glimpses of The Beatles5
BookBuchananPlaying with Fire5
BookBuckinghamEl Arte Flamenco4
BookBuetensMethod for the Renaissance Lute, Vol. 14
BookBurgersThe Lute in the Dutch Golden Age5
BookBurgessEnglish Literature5
BookBurkeOld Time Fiddle Tunes for Banjo3
BookCórdobaTraditional Flamenco Guitar Vol. 13
BookCarlinCatch a Wave4
BookCarolanA Harvest Saved5
BookCharteris01 Meet—the Tiger!5
BookCharteris02 Enter the Saint5
BookCharteris03 The Last Hero5
BookCharteris04 Knight Templar5
BookCharteris05 Featuring the Saint4
BookCharteris06 Alias the Saint4
BookCharteris07 She Was a Lady5
BookCharteris08 The Holy Terror5
BookCharteris09 Getaway5
BookCharteris10 Once More the Saint5
BookCharteris11 The Brighter Buccaneer4
BookCharteris12 The Misfortunes of Mr. Teal5
BookCharteris13 Boodle4
BookCharteris14 The Saint Goes On4
BookCharteris15 The Saint in New York5
BookCharteris16 Saint Overboard3
BookCharteris17 The Ace of Knaves5
BookCharteris18 Thieves’ Picnic5
BookCharteris19 Prelude for War5
BookCharteris20 Follow the Saint4
BookCharteris21 The Happy Highwayman4
BookCharteris22 The Saint in Miami4
BookCharteris23 The Saint Goes West3
BookCharteris24 The Saint Steps In2
BookCharteris25 The Saint On Guard2
BookCharteris27 Call for the Saint4
BookCharteris28 Saint Errant4
BookCharteris29 The Saint in Europe4
BookCharteris30 The Saint on the Spanish Main3
BookCharteris31 The Saint Around the World4
BookCharteris32 Thanks to the Saint3
BookCharteris33 Señor Saint3
BookCharteris34 The Saint to the Rescue4
BookCharteris35 Trust the Saint3
BookCharteris36 The Saint in the Sun4
BookCharteris37 Vendetta for the Saint5
BookCharterisThe First Saint Omnibus5
BookCharterisThe Second Saint Omnibus4
BookCharterisFive Complete Novels3
BookCharterisCatch the Saint1
BookCharterisBest of the Saint, Vol. 14
BookCharterisThe Saint at Large4
BookCharterisBest of the Saint, Vol. 23
BookCharteris26 The Saint Sees It Through3
BookCharterisConcerning the Saint2
BookCharterisSaints Alive3
BookChilesotti/HobanDa un Codice Lauten-buch5
BookChilesotti/OphéeDa un Codice Lauten-buch5
BookChilesottiSix Lute Pieces5
BookChrisGeorgette Heyer’s Regency England4
BookCoulterHow to Talk to a Liberal3
BookCrystalHow Language Works3
BookDarlingtonGenetics and Man4
BookDe GramontThe French5
BookDefordThe Spy in the Deuce Court5
BookDewittThe Last Samurai5
BookDowland (Ed.)A Varietie of Lute Lessons5
BookDowlandThe Collected Lute Music (1978)5
BookDrakeThe Nick Drake Song Collection3
BookDuarteTo Name But None5
BookDuarte6 Friendships for Two Guitars4
BookDunnett1 The Game of Kings5
BookEinarsonMr. Tambourine Man4
BookEscuderoMario Escudero1
BookEscuderoMario Escudero (Trotter)5
BookEysenck, H.J.1 Uses and Abuses of Psychology5
BookEysenck, H.J.2 Sense and Nonsense in Psychology5
BookEysenck, H.J.3 Fact and Fiction in Psychology5
BookEysenck, H.J.4 The Social Consequences of Modern Psychology5
BookEysenck, H.J.Race, Intelligence and Education4
BookFahnestock-ThomasGeorgette Heyer: A Critical Retrospective3
BookFaucher (Ed.)Canciones populares antiguas5
BookFaucher (Ed.)Danzas Árabes5
BookFernándezFlamenco Music Theory2
BookForbesA Handful of Summers5
BookFoxHere’s How: Peter, Paul & Mary1
BookFoxThe Mirror Makers5
BookFrancescoLute works5
BookGalHandbook of Military Psychology3
BookGalileiIl Primo Libro d’Intavolatura di Liuto5
BookGendai GuitarFlamenco Vol. 15
BookGendai GuitarFlamenco Vol. 25
BookGendai GuitarFlamenco Vol. 34
BookGeorgeThe Flamenco Guitar4
BookGlynThe British4
BookGoldman & SegalThe Social Psychology of Military Service5
BookGoldstein & KowalskiObjective-C Programming for Dummies3
BookGordon03 Doctor at Large4
BookGraf-MartínezFlamenco Guitar Method Vol. 1 + DVD5
BookGraf-MartínezFlamenco Guitar Method Vol. 2 + DVD5
BookGraf-MartínezGipsy Guitar w/ DVD5
BookGranadosSpanish Dance Nº 65
BookGranadosSpanish Dances 1, 3, 4 & 125
BookGriffith1 The Blue Place3
BookGriffith2 Stay4
BookGrotta-KurskaArchitect of Middle Earth1
BookHamer & CopelandLiving with Our Genes1
BookHampshireEvery Letter Counts5
BookHampson01 Voyage to Venus (Part 1)5
BookHandelChaconne etc. (Lagoya)5
BookHerrero12 Studies for Flamenco Guitar — Advanced5
BookHerrnstein & MurrayThe Bell Curve4
BookHeyerFriday’s Child5
BookHeyerThese Old Shades4
BookHeyerApril Lady4
BookHowsonThe Flamencos of Cádiz Bay5
BookJiménezManual Flamenco para Cajón5
BookJonesThe Gypsies of Granada3
BookKelbeHeute Abend5
BookKennedyThe Fiddler’s Tune-Book, Vol. 14
BookKennedyThe Fiddler’s Tune-Book, Vol. 24
BookKloesterGeorgette Heyer’s Regency World3
BookKosterThe Keys to Flamenco Guitar, Vol. 35
BookKosterThe Keys to Flamenco Guitar, Vol. 1 (Mel Bay)5
BookKosterThe Keys to Flamenco Guitar, Vol. 2 (AIG)5
BookLawlorIrish Harping 1900–20105
BookLiangIntroduction to Programming Using Python4
BookLyallShooting Script5
BookMairantsFlamenco Guitar3
BookManchesterA World Lit Only By Fire4
BookManitas de PlataFlamenco Guitar1
BookMarcosIn Search of Camarón5
BookMarracciniTeach Yourself Flamenco Guitar (No CD)5
BookMartínezFlamenco—All You Wanted to Know4
BookMasonThe World of Suzie Wong5
BookMcKinneyKaduna Memories5
BookMelchor, Enrique deHerencia Gitana3
BookMitchellThe Dance Music of Willie Clancy5
BookMitfordThe Pursuit of Laughter5
BookMontoya, RamónArte Clásico Flamenco (Faucher)5
BookMorleyBlade of the Rapier5
BookMorrisA Kingdom for a Song4
BookMurachPython Programming5
BookNelsonQueen Victoria and the Discovery of the Riviera5
BookNelsonAmericans and the Making of the Riviera4
BookNewmanAnthology of Flamenco Falsetas5
BookNoadThe Renaissance Guitar4
BookNoadThe Baroque Guitar5
BookNorthTablature for 2 lutes: Book 25
BookO’Donnell01 Modesty Blaise5
BookO’NeillThe Dance Music of Ireland5
BookParsons1 Funny Ha Ha and Funny Peculiar4
BookParsons2 Funny Ho Ho and Funny Fantastic4
BookParsons3 Funny Amusing and Funny Amazing4
BookPeñaFlamenco Music5
BookPearseCooking with Wine5
BookPeiThe Story of Language5
BookPohrenPaco de Lucía4
BookPohrenThe Art of Flamenco (2005)4
BookPohrenLives and Legends of Flamenco4
BookPorterThose Glamorous Gabors2
BookPoultonJohn Dowland 2nd Ed. (Faber)5
BookRavenClose of Play5
BookReavyCollected Compositions5
BookRenbournGuitar Pieces5
BookRobertsonAircraft Camouflage & Markings 1907–19545
BookRobinson6 Duets from The Schoole of Musicke5
BookRodrigoConcierto de Aranjuez5
BookRossReturning to A2
BookRussellA History of Western Philosophy5
BookSöllscher (arr.)12 British Songs for Guitar5
BookSabicas & EscuderoSelected Solos3
BookSabicas & EscuderoEspaña en dos guitarras 25
BookSabicas & EscuderoEspaña en dos guitarras 15
BookSabicasFlamenco Puro (Trotter)5
BookSabicasVol. 1 — Temas de Concierto5
BookSabicasVol. 2 — Temas Flamencos5
BookSabicasEl Rey del Flamenco5
BookSaklofske & EysenckIndividual Differences in Children & Adolescents4
BookScarlatti6 Sonatas (Lagoya)5
BookScarlatti4 Sonatas (Barrueco)5
BookScruggsThe 5-String Banjo5
BookScruggsBanjo Songbook5
BookSerbMusic Theory for Guitarists4
BookSerrano, JuanConcert Selections3
BookSerrano, JuanFlamenco, Body and Soul5
BookSerrano, JuanBasic Techniques5
BookSeta (ed.)Piezas de guitarra flamenca 1: La zarzamora5
BookSeta (ed.)Piezas de guitarra flamenca 2: Pasión flamenca5
BookSevillaQueen of the Gypsies5
BookSheer & BerlowFlamenco Guitar Method1
BookSheer & BerlowIntroduction to the Flamenco Guitar4
BookShipway1: The Paladin5
BookShipway2: The Wolf Time5
BookShipwayThe Chilian Club5
BookShipwayWarrior in Bronze4
BookShipwayKing in Splendour4
BookSmith, CordwainerThe Rediscovery of Man5
BookSmith, CordwainerBest5
BookSmith, CordwainerThe Instrumentality of Mankind5
BookSmith, CordwainerSpace Lords5
BookSmith, CordwainerYou Will Never Be the Same5
BookSmith, Edward E.Galactic Patrol5
BookSmith, Edward E.Gray Lensman5
BookSmith, Edward E.Second Stage Lensmen5
BookSmith, Edward E.Triplanetary3
BookSmith, Lady EleanorFlamenco3
BookSpeightTeach Yourself Italian5
BookSpringThere Is No Armour5
BookStoddardThe Rising Tide of Color4
BookTaubesGood Calories, Bad Calories/The Diet Delusion5
BookThomasQueen K3
BookUsill (Ed.)The Story of the British People in Pictures5
Bookvan LooThe Burgundians5
BookVariousThe Marsh Lute Book5
BookWakeThe White Mouse5
BookWashabaughFlamenco Music and National Identity in Spain2
BookWernickBluegrass Banjo5
BookWheeler (Ed.)Peoples of the World Illustrated5
BookWheeler (Ed.)Peoples of the World in Pictures5
BookWillans & SearleMolesworth’s Guide to the Atommic Age5
BookWillans & SearleMolesworth5
BookWilliamsSpanish and South American Folk Songs5
BookWilliamsThe Dictionary of Lost Words4
BookWilliamsLong Distance Call4
BookWilsonTeach Yourself Spanish5
BookWilsonTeach Yourself French5
BookWolfe (Ed.)American Science Fiction 1956–19584
BookWooldridgeMeasuring the Mind5
BookYerbyThe Saracen Blade5
BookYglesiasEsteban Sanlúcar5
DVDDoctor at Large4
DVDThe Flamenco Clan5
DVDCallan Series 45
DVDA Game of Thrones, Season 15
DVDLearn and Practice the Palmas5
DVDGypsy Davy5
DVDBBCThe First Churchills (NTSC)5
DVDBBCFederer v. Sampras—The Changing of the Guard4
DVDBBCWimbledon Final 20014
DVDBBCWimbledon Final 20095
DVDBBCWimbledon Final 20075
DVDBBCThe Valiant Years5
DVDCamarónParis 87–884
DVDCliff & the ShadowsThe Final Reunion5
DVDDanúOne Night Stand5
DVDDervishMidsummer Night’s Session5
DVDGilmartinLearn to Play Flamenco Guitar1
DVDITVThe Saint—Early Episodes, Set 13
DVDITVThe Saint—Early Episodes, Set 23
DVDITVThe Saint—The Complete Monochrome Series3
DVDLucíaLight and Shade2
DVDLucíaFrancisco Sánchez4
DVDPeñaMisa Flamenca5
DVDRTFLes Rois Maudits4
DVDScruggsFamily & Friends3
DVDSeegerRainbow Quest—NLCR/Greenbriar Boys4
DVDStingThe Journey & the Labyrinth5
DVDVariousFolk Rewind5
DVDVariousBluegrass: Country Soul4
ElectronicsSF CableFireWire 400 to 800 cable5
ElectronicsRABENTRA12W wallmount light5
ElectronicsSonySTR-DG720 Receiver4
ElectronicsSonySTR-DG520 Receiver4
ElectronicsSonySTR-DG920 Receiver5
GroceryLa MorenaChipotle peppers in Adobo sauce1
RecordingAbreusBBC Recital 19704
RecordingAbreusThe Guitars of (AoD)5
RecordingAbreusThe Guitars of (CBS)5
RecordingAlgecirasGrandes Guitarras del Flamenco5
RecordingAlgecirasEl Flamenco Es5
RecordingAlicante et al.Flamenco Fire4
RecordingAmayaQueen of the Gypsies5
RecordingAmsterdam Guitar TrioBach/Debussy/Fauré/Chopin5
RecordingAussel20th Century Music5
RecordingBarruecoBach Sonatas5
RecordingBarto & SchröderSonatas for 2 Lutes5
RecordingBartoWeiss, Vol. 115
RecordingBays & LandesHouse to House5
RecordingBenkoBakfark, Vol. 15
RecordingBoydFirst Lady of the Guitar5
RecordingBoydClassical Guitar5
RecordingBoydGuitar Artistry5
RecordingBreamDances of Dowland5
RecordingBreamEssential (2008)3
RecordingBreamEssential (2013)2
RecordingBreamLute Music from the Royal Courts of Europe5
RecordingBreamLute and Guitar Recital4
RecordingBreamThe Woods So Wild5
RecordingBreamMusic of Spain, Vol. 15
RecordingBreamLute Music of Dowland5
RecordingBreamBaroque Guitar recital5
RecordingBreamDowland: Lute Music and Dances5
RecordingBreamThe Golden Age of English Lute Music5
RecordingBreamFret Works5
RecordingCamarónEl Flamenco Es3
RecordingCamarón1969 Al verte las flores lloran5
RecordingCamarón1971 Son tus ojos dos estrellas5
RecordingCamarón1975 Arte y Majestad5
RecordingCamarón1979 Camarón nuestro4
RecordingCano & MongeSonoridades1
RecordingCanoEvocation of the Guitar of Ramón Montoya5
RecordingCarthy & SwarbrickSelections4
RecordingCarthy & SwarbrickBoth Ears and the Tail5
RecordingCarthy & SwarbrickNo Songs5
RecordingChacónCulto Flamenco4
RecordingCoope, Boyes & SimpsonHindsight4
RecordingCraobh RuaIf Ida Been Here, Ida Been There5
RecordingDé DannanSelected Jigs Reels & Songs5
RecordingDé DannanBest4
RecordingDíazSpanish Guitar5
RecordingDíazGuitarra de Venezuela3
Recordingd’AuriFlamenco Mystico5
Recordingd’AuriPassion Play4
Recordingd’AuriBulería «Barrio San Miguel»5
RecordingDanúThink Before You Think5
RecordingDanúThe Road Less Traveled5
RecordingDervishThe Boys of Sligo5
RecordingDowland ConsortLachrimæ5
RecordingDublinersGreatest Hits5
RecordingDublinersBest (Passport)4
RecordingDublinersBest (Legacy)4
RecordingDuodecimaMusic for Two Guitars5
RecordingEarl-JeanI’m into Something Good5
RecordingEscuderoFiesta Flamenca (MGM)4
RecordingEscuderoAnd his Flamenco Guitar4
RecordingFerratLes Plus Belles Chansons5
RecordingFinest KindFor Honour & for Gain4
RecordingFinest KindSilks & Spices4
RecordingFlanders & SwannComplete5
RecordingGómezRomantic Guitar5
RecordingGalbraithFrench Impressions5
RecordingGarrobéEduardo Sainz de la Maza5
RecordingGavin & FinnFrankie Gavin & Alec Finn5
RecordingGeneral HumbertII5
RecordingGlackinIn Full Spate5
RecordingGourley & AbartaCopley Street5
RecordingGraf-MartínezGipsy Guitar4
RecordingGrondonaLa Guitarra de Torres5
RecordingHalliardThe Last Goodnight!5
RecordingHalliardBroadside Songs5
RecordingHarris & MeehanBest3
RecordingHenryVirtuoso Guitar3
RecordingHeritageLiving by the Air4
RecordingHerreroHomenaje a Sabicas y Esteban Sanlúcar5
RecordingJohnstonsJohnstons/Give a Damn/The Barleycorn5
RecordingJohnstonsGive a Damn/Bitter Green3
RecordingJohnstonsColours of the Dawn2
RecordingJohnstonsThe Johnstons/The Barleycorn5
RecordingKingston TrioBest4
RecordingKirchhofThe Lute in Dance and Dream5
RecordingKorhonenBach: Partitas2
RecordingLagoyaThe Spanish Guitar5
RecordingLagoya40 Ans de Succes5
RecordingLagoyaJoue Albéniz etc.4
RecordingLagoyaLa guitare est mon maître5
RecordingLagoyaL’Extraordinaire Duo5
RecordingLagoyaBach/Scarlatti/Weiss (abridged)1
RecordingLausanne Choir et al.Colonna: Mass in Five Parts5
RecordingLieskeGuitarra Española5
RecordingLieskeLa Catedral5
RecordingLindbergDowland Complete5
RecordingLlan de CubelIV5
RecordingLlan de CubelCabraliega5
RecordingLucía & AlcegirasCanciones andaluzas5
RecordingLucía & Algeciras12 Hits para 2 guitarras flamencas2
RecordingLucía & ModregoLorca4
RecordingLucíaColección mi historia1
RecordingLucíaEl Flamenco Es4
RecordingLucíaFlamenco Virtuoso4
RecordingLucíaThe Collection4
RecordingLucíaEsta es mi historia1
RecordingLucíaFantasía Flamenca5
RecordingMann & JonesSecret Orders4
RecordingMarin/MarinMot Hagsätra5
RecordingMcFarlane & DavisBlame Not My Lute3
RecordingMcFarlaneOne Morning2
RecordingMcFarlaneBetween Two Hearts5
RecordingMcFarlaneScottish Lute5
RecordingMiñoFlamenco de Concierto2
RecordingMoherOver the Edge4
RecordingMolloyMatt Molloy5
RecordingMontónSolo Guitarra4
RecordingMontoya & SabicasGiants of Flamenco3
RecordingMontoya, EnriqueFlamenco Romántico2
RecordingMoraíto Chico IIMorao y Oro4
RecordingMoreno & QuinteiroSemper Dowland Semper Dolens3
RecordingMorente & SabicasNueva York - Granada5
RecordingNiño MiguelDiferente5
RecordingNiño MiguelEl Flamenco Es4
RecordingNiño MiguelNiño Miguel5
RecordingNiño RicardoRécital de guitare flamenco5
RecordingNiño RicardoToques Flamencos de Guitarra5
RecordingNiño RicardoThe Spanish Guitar4
RecordingO’DetteDowland Complete5
RecordingO’DriscollSo There You Go4
RecordingO’FlynnThe Fine Art of Piping5
RecordingOistrakhsBeethoven & Bruch Violin Concertos5
RecordingOlivaLa Guitarra del Amor4
RecordingOssianDove Across the Water5
RecordingOssianSeal Song5
RecordingPaqueraPasión Flamenca3
RecordingParkening & BrandonVirtuoso Duets4
RecordingParkeningBach and Others4
RecordingPeña & LucíaPaco Doble4
RecordingPeñaFlamenco Guitar5
RecordingPeñaFlamenco Guitar Recital5
RecordingPeñaFlamenco Master5
RecordingPeñaThe Art of the Flamenco Guitar4
RecordingPeñaFlamenco Passion5
RecordingPeñaFlamenco World4
RecordingPeñaFlamenco Vivo5
RecordingPeñaA compás5
RecordingPeñaEssential Recordings5
RecordingPeñaPlays Montoya and Ricardo5
RecordingPeñaFabulous Flamenco!5
RecordingPeleLa Fuente de lo Jondo4
RecordingPomponio/ZárateGuitare Plus, Vol. 295
RecordingPramanikGli Spiriti5
RecordingPress GangThe Press Gang5
RecordingPresti/LagoyaSpanish Music5
RecordingPresti/LagoyaL’anthologie de la guitare5
RecordingPresti/LagoyaŒuvres pour Guitare1
RecordingPresti/LagoyaRCA 75.080 (EP)4
RecordingPresti/LagoyaClassical Guitar Music5
RecordingPresti/LagoyaMusic for the Classic Guitar5
RecordingPresti/LagoyaIDIS Recordings, Vol. 35
RecordingPresti/LagoyaŒuvres pour deux guitares5
RecordingPresti/LagoyaRomantic Guitar Duets5
RecordingPresti/LagoyaIDIS Recordings, Vol. 25
RecordingPresti/LagoyaRCA Recordings5
RecordingPresti/LagoyaVirtuose Musik Für zwei Gitarren5
RecordingPresti/LagoyaL’Extraordinaire Duo5
RecordingPresti/LagoyaComplete Philips Recordings5
RecordingPresti/LagoyaMasters of the Guitar5
RecordingPresti/LagoyaIDIS Recordings, Vol. 15
RecordingPresti/LagoyaConcertos (Mercury)5
RecordingPresti/LagoyaBaroque Music5
RecordingProvidenceA Fig for a Kiss4
RecordingRagossnig & FeybliThe Latin American Guitar5
RecordingRagossnigRenaissance Lute Music (boxed CD set)5
RecordingRagossnigMusik für 2 & 3 Laute4
RecordingRagossnigMusik für Laute4
RecordingRagossnigLute Music of the Renaissance5
RecordingRagossnigLautenmusik aus drei Jahrhunderten5
RecordingRavizzaDominico Alberti: 8 Sonatas5
RecordingRed WelliesThe Red Wellies5
RecordingRodrigoGypsy Passions3
RecordingRomán el GranaínoArte Flamenco, Vol. 65
RecordingRooley & TylerRenaissance Duets5
RecordingRooley & TylerMy Lute Awake!5
RecordingRooleyRenaissance Fantasias5
RecordingSöllscherBach—Lute Suites5
RecordingSöllscherBach—Lute Works Vol. 15
RecordingSöllscherBach—Lute Works Vol. 25
RecordingSöllscherThe Renaissance Album5
RecordingSöllscherWerke für Gitarre4
RecordingSabicas & BeckRock Encounter1
RecordingSabicas & EscuderoFlamenco Styles4
RecordingSabicas & EscuderoFurioso! (Compilation)4
RecordingSabicas & EscuderoFantastic Guitars/Flamenco Styles5
RecordingSabicas & EscuderoFlamenco Guitar Classics5
RecordingSabicas & EscuderoMasters of the Spanish Guitar5
RecordingSabicas & EscuderoSpanish Guitars4
RecordingSabicas & EscuderoFantastic Guitars5
RecordingSabicas & EscuderoFlamenco Styles on Two Guitars4
RecordingSabicas/SanlúcarGuitarra Flamenca5
RecordingSabicasThe Greatest Flamenco Guitarist (CD)5
RecordingSabicasVivir El Flamenco4
RecordingSabicasEl Niño de las Habicas3
RecordingSabicasArte Gitano4
RecordingSabicasFlamenco King5
RecordingSabicasSolo Flamenco5
RecordingSabicasGénie de la guitare1
RecordingSabicasRecital de Guitarra Flamenca, Vol. 24
RecordingSabicasFlamenco Puro, Vol. 13
RecordingSabicasFlamenco Kings5
RecordingSabicasFlamenco Fantasy5
RecordingSabicasThe World’s Greatest Flamenco Guitarist1
RecordingSabicasSí porque te crees bonita5
RecordingSabicasGrandes Guitarras del Flamenco5
RecordingSabicasRecital de Guitarra Flamenca, Vol. 14
RecordingSabicasEl Duende de la Guitarra3
RecordingSabicas4 Original 45 Eps3
RecordingSabicasGuitars of Passion4
RecordingSabicasThe Spanish Guitar5
RecordingSabicasArtistry in Flamenco5
RecordingSabicasWorld's Novelty Champions1
RecordingSabicasNiño Sabicas, Vol. 24
RecordingSabicasFlamenco Variations on Three Guitars4
RecordingSabicasFlamenco Passions5
RecordingSabicasPuerto de Málaga5
RecordingSabicasLa Guitarra Flamenca5
RecordingSabicasMilonga Flamenca4
RecordingSabicasThe Artistry of Sabicas5
RecordingSabicasGuitar Masters Collection1
RecordingSabicasVol. 15
RecordingSabicasVol. 25
RecordingSabicasLeyendas del Siglo XX5
RecordingSabicasThe Art of the Guitar5
RecordingSabicasRhythms of Spain4
RecordingSabicasConcierto en Flamenco3
RecordingSabicasEl Flamenco Es3
RecordingSabicasConcierto, Vol. 13
RecordingSabicasConcierto, Vol. 23
RecordingSabicasGypsy Flamenco5
RecordingSabicasLa Guitarra de Sabicas4
RecordingSabicasTu madre te lo advirtió5
RecordingSabicasSoul of Flamenco5
RecordingSabicasFlamenco Fever5
RecordingSabicasWith Los Trianeros3
RecordingSabicasFlamenco Puro5
RecordingSabicasVols. 1–3 (set)5
RecordingSabicasTres Guitarras tiene4
RecordingSabicasVery Best4
RecordingSabicasEl Rey del Flamenco5
RecordingSabicasFlamenco Virtuoso4
RecordingSabicasFlamenco Fiesta3
RecordingSabicasAl Compás de mi Guitarra5
RecordingSabicasFlamenco Reflections5
RecordingSabicasAdiós a la guitarra5
RecordingSabicasFlamenco Puro, Vol. 33
RecordingSabicasEl Arte del Flamenco5
RecordingSabicasDay of the Bullfight4
RecordingSabicas16 Immortal Performances5
RecordingSabicasy su guitarra5
RecordingSabicasSerenata Andaluza4
RecordingSabicasEl Genio4
RecordingSabicasFlamencan Guitar Solos5
RecordingSabicasVol. 1 (Prewar photo)5
RecordingSabicasFlamenco Puro, Vol. 23
RecordingSabicasFlaming Flamenco Guitar5
RecordingSanlúcar, ManoloEl Flamenco Es2
RecordingSanlúcar, ManoloAl Viento1
RecordingSanlúcar, ManoloKing of Flamenco Guitar4
RecordingSanlúcar, ManoloMundo y Formas, Vol. 14
RecordingSanlúcar, ManoloMundo y Formas, Vol. 24
RecordingSayce & SpringA Perfecte Harmonie4
RecordingSearles & YslasDream of the Troubadour3
RecordingSearlesDance of the Renaissance4
RecordingSegoviaCollection Vol. 13
RecordingSegoviaCollection Vol. 23
RecordingSegoviaUnique Art4
RecordingSegoviaCollection Vol. 33
RecordingSerrano, PacoMi Camino5
RecordingSerrano, PacoCatarsis5
RecordingShirotaFrom There to Clare3
RecordingStanleyBound to Ride5
RecordingSwarbrickRags, Reels and Airs5
RecordingTeicholzMusic and Food of Spain5
RecordingTsiboulskiAustralian Guitar Music4
RecordingTylerThe Leaves be Green4
RecordingUtreraCante Flamenco5
RecordingVäsenLive på Gamla Bion5
RecordingVariousFlamenco At Its Best1
RecordingVariousViva Flamenco!5
RecordingVariousFlamenco Rhythms2
RecordingVariousSpotlight on Guitar3
RecordingVariousFlamenquistas I4
RecordingVariousIrish Folk Favourites4
RecordingVariousArchivo del Cante Flamenco5
RecordingVariousMedio Siglo de Cante Flamenco5
RecordingVariousMasters of the Guitar4
RecordingVariousSpanish Guitar5
RecordingVariousThe Bluegrass Hall of Fame4
RecordingVariousAntología del Cante Flamenco5
RecordingVariousGrandes figures du Flamenco 13–165
RecordingVariousFlamenco Highlights from Spain3
RecordingVariousCante Flamenco5
RecordingVariousLatin Guitar Festival5
RecordingVariousHomenaje al Niño Ricardo5
RecordingVariousGrandes Figures Sampler5
RecordingVarious5th Irish Folk Festival4
RecordingVariousEarly Cante Flamenco5
RecordingVariousFlamenco Live!5
RecordingVariousCante Gitano5
RecordingVariousArte Flamenco, Vol. 13
RecordingVariousEspaña en Una Guitarra3
RecordingVariousMisa Criolla/Misa Flamenca3
RecordingVariousBluegrass ’965
RecordingVariousBayside & Benside5
RecordingVariousGrandes figures 01: Pepe de la Matrona5
RecordingVariousGrandes figures 02: Niño de Almadén5
RecordingVariousGrandes figures 03: Niña de los Peines4
RecordingVariousGrandes figures 05: Ramón Montoya5
RecordingVariousGrandes figures 06: Carmen Amaya4
RecordingVariousGrandes figures 07: Manolo Caracol5
RecordingVariousGrandes figures 08: Manuel el Agujeta5
RecordingVariousGrandes figures 14: Sabicas4
RecordingVariousGrandes figures 15: Camarón5
RecordingVoice SquadGood People All5
RecordingXenofontosThe Best of Greece5
RecordingYangSarasate Vol. 25
StringsD’AddarioJ81 Irish Bouzouki4